Professional Liability Insurance

Application Information

This committee:

  • oversees the State Bar Approved Professional Liability Insurance Program;
  • acts as an advisor to the Board of Trustees with respect to the program;
  • studies and makes recommendations and/or changes to the existing program, including carrier and broker evaluation, long-term financial issues, product enhancement, product pricing and design, and related matters;
  • works to reduce the quantity and severity of attorney malpractice claims through attorney loss-prevention and competency education programs;
  • has a claims oversight component;
  • strives to ensure that the program is philosophically and structurally attuned to the needs of California's attorneys and consumers.

Members may serve two consecutive terms.

Applicants should be attorneys with experience and interest in insurance regulation, professional liability litigation, risk management, law office management and/or other areas related to the work of the committee. Experience and expertise in such matters as loss prevention/competency enhancement, claims handling, underwriting, policy language, and policy provisions and pricing are helpful.

Committee rule prohibits appointment of anyone carrying files by program carrier or whose law firm carries files by program carrier. The existing Professional Liability Insurance Carrier is Arch Insurance Group.

  • Expected 2017-18 vacancies:  5
  • Meetings per year: 4
  • 2016-17 Co-Chairs: Randall Miller, Los Angeles; Glen R. Olson, San Francisco
  • Staff contact: Raquel Hines 415-538-2201

Deadline for 2017 applications:   January 27, 2017

2017-18 terms begin: Conclusion of 2017 State Bar Annual Meeting (August 27, 2017)