Group Insurance Programs

Application Information

The Committee on Group Insurance Programs (COGIP):

  • oversees the State Bar sponsored Group Insurance Programs, which include life, accidental death and dismemberment, disability, personal auto and homeowners, long term care, healthcare and workers' compensation;
  • acts as an advisor to the Board of Trustees with respect to the programs;
  • studies and makes recommendations and/or changes to the existing programs;
  • evaluates program carriers and brokers;
  • monitors long-term financial issues;
  • proposes product enhancements, directs product pricing and design and related matters;
  • strives to ensure that the program is philosophically and structurally attuned to the needs of Californa's attorneys and consumers.

Applicants should be lawyers with experience and expertise in insurance/insurance regulation, dealing with brokers and carriers, and understanding insurance policies and business aspects of insurance, or lawyers who are familiar with group and/or association plans.

Experience and expertise in loss prevention/competency enhancement, claims handling, underwriting, policy language, and policy provisions and pricing are helpful.

  • Expected 2017-18 vacancies: 4
  • Meetings per year: 4
  • 2016-17 Chair: Demián I. Oksenendler, San Francisco
  • Staff contact: Raquel Hines, 415-538-2201

Deadline for 2017 applications:  January 27, 2017

2017-18 terms begin: Conclusion of 2017 State Bar Annual Meeting (September 22, 2017)