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The Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services (SCDLS) has compiled the following resources for lawyers, law firms, bar associations, legal services providers, judges and law students interested in pro bono. Attorneys in any practice setting can make a significant different in the lives of those who would not otherwise have access to the legal system.

Resources for lawyers

Resources for Law Firms

Resources for Local and Specialty Bar Associations

  • Renewing our Commitment to Pro Bono: Tools for Local and Specialty Bar Associations The State Bar of California Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services developed this downloadable tool kit that includes:
    • Introduction letter
    • Letter from the chief justice
    • State Bar Pro Bono Resolution
    • Pro bono benefits everyone
    • Snapshot of local bar sponsored pro bono models in California
    • FAQs about Pro Bono
    • Selected Quotations
    • The State Bar’s Commitment to Pro Bono
  • Making Pro Bono a Priority: A Bar Leader’s Handbook The American Bar Association Division for Legal Services developed this downloadable guidebook that includes examples of the specific application of models across the country.

Resources for Pro Bono Organizations and Legal Services Providers

Resources for Judges

Resources for Law Students

The Path to Pro Bono: An Interviewing Tool for Law Students. The American Bar Association Pro Bono Committee and the Center for Pro Bono developed this brochure to assist law students in assessing a law firm's commitment to pro bono. It is also useful for students pursuing careers with small and mid-sized firms and corporate in-house legal departments.

Additional Resources