Appellate Courts

Application Information

This committee:

  • reviews proposed changes to the rules of court affecting appellate courts;
  • reviews and comments on proposed legislation affecting appellate court operation and appellate practice;
  • may initiate legislative and rules proposals in these areas;
  • is an Approved Legal Specialization Provider in the area of appellate law and plans and participates in the presentation of MCLE programs at the State Bar's Annual Meeting.

The committee consists of 16 lawyers who may be drawn from such diverse sources as appellate court research staff, defense and prosecution offices handling criminal appeals, law firms, solo practitioners, and law school faculty.

  • Expected 2016-17 vacancies: 7
  • Meetings per year: 5
  • 2015-16 Chair: Paul J. Killion, San Francisco 
  • Staff contact: Saul Bercovitch 415-538-2306

Deadline for 2016 applications: deadline extended March 1, 2016

2016-17 terms begin: Conclusion of 2016 State Bar Annual Meeting (Oct. 2, 2016)