Council on Access & Fairness

Appointment Information

The Council on Access and Fairness advises the Board of Trustees on advancing State Bar diversity strategies and goals focusing on issues along the diversity pipeline to enhance opportunities and advancement in the legal profession. The diversity pipeline includes the early education pipeline pre-K to 12; college, law school and bar exam prep; recruitment, hiring, retention and promotion in the profession; and judicial diversity. The 25-member council consists of lawyers, judges, representatives from academia, and public members from diverse practice settings and constituencies.

The council seeks new members who have experience that represents the full spectrum of the diversity pipeline. New members are expected to have a working knowledge of diversity pipeline issues, a record of leadership and performance addressing challenges along the diversity pipeline, ability to engage in strategic visioning towards fulfilling the  council's mission statement and goals. The committee also seeks applicants who can produce institutional and attitudinal changes to create a culture of inclusion within the legal profession and judiciary that fosters diversity, who can create or implement initiatives that have an impact on the full piepline, who can serve as a catalyst for change by framing and communicating ways to respond to diversity challenges, who can coordinate and partner with existing entities and individuals within the justice system and community to achieve greater diversity of the legal profession.

Deadline for applications:  Feb. 2, 2015

2015-16 terms:  Begin at the conclusion of 2015 State Bar Annual Meeting (Oct. 11, 2015)