Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB) Governing Committee

Appointment Information

This is a joint committee of The State Bar of California and the University of California that:

  • reviews and approves CEB's annual publishing and educational program, strategic objectives, annual budget, and recommendations from the Executive Director on the overall operation of CEB;
  • consists of nine voting members: four members appointed by the State Bar and five members appointed by the University of California.

The chair is appointed by the university, and the vice chair must be a lawyer in active practice in California appointed by the State Bar's Board of Trustees.

The other State Bar members include the Executive Director of the State Bar, or the executive director's designee who must be a lawyer, and two members who are lawyers actively practicing law in California, at least one of whom represents the interests of the sections of the State Bar.

Appointments are for renewable terms of two years.  An incumbent seeking to renew his or her term must file the 2015-16 State Bar Appointment Application by the deadline.

  • Expected 2015-16 vacancies:  2 (applicants must be lawyers actively practicing in California)
  • Meetings per year: 4 (held at the CEB offices in Oakland)
  • Staff contact:  Pamela Jester, Director, CEB Office, Suite 410, 300 Frank Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, CA 94612 510-302-2032

Deadline for 2015 applications: Feb. 2, 2015

2015-16 term begins: Conclusion of 2015 State Bar Annual Meeting (Oct. 11, 2015)