Trusts and Estates Executive Committee

The substantive issues of the Trusts and Estates Section include: incompetency (including conservatorship, guardianship and elder law); estate planning and tax; ethics and professional responsibility; legislation; litigation; trust and estate administration; and trusts. The executive committee:

  • consists of 15-17 lawyer members from northern and southern California;
  • is active in developing programs to serve both members of the bar and the public in general;
  • has developed a series of brochures on the topics of wills, estate plans and trusts (in both English and Spanish);
  • produced a popular video tape designed to prevent estate planning "scams" being perpetrated on senior citizens statewide;
  • developed a speakers bureau consisting of California lawyers who are engaged in active outreach to senior and public-service organizations throughout California;
  • produces the highly regarded California Trusts and Estates Quarterly.

The committee seeks hardworking lawyers with a significant number of years specializing in any area of estate planning, trust and probate law. Additional qualities sought include a demonstrated commitment to volunteer professional work (e.g., bar activities, speaking, writing, legal services, etc.) and the ability to work as a collegial committee member.

Committee communications are conducted electronically, and each member must have an email address to receive committee meeting notices, agendas, reports, etc. Section participation is a factor considered in the appointment review. Lawyers throughout California who can meet these requirements and who can make the time commitment are encouraged to apply.

For questions regarding section requirements or how to become more involved in section activities, please contact the section's staff administrator or chair.

  • Expected 2017-18 vacancies: 7
  • Meetings per year: 9 (one is three-day, long-range planning meeting; the others are six-hour Saturday meetings) plus participation in substantive committee work between meetings.
  • 2016-17 Chair: Gina Lera, Sacramento
  • Staff contact: Ellen Louie 415-538-2549 

Deadline for 2017 applications: March 6, 2017

2017-18 terms begin: Conclusion of 2017 State Bar Annual Meeting (September 22, 2017)