Litigation Executive Committee

The purpose of the Litigation Section is to promote excellence in all areas affecting dispute resolution, including protection of the rights of all litigants, pre-trial discovery, the expeditious trial of lawsuits, alternative dispute resolution, effective judicial administration, uniform rules of court, and the protection and preservation of the independence of a judiciary of high quality.

Committee communications are conducted electronically; therefore, each member must have an email address to receive committee meeting notices, agendas, reports, etc. Section participation is a factor considered in the appointment review. Lawyers throughout California who can meet these requirements and who can make the time commitment are encouraged to apply.

For questions regarding section requirements or how to become more involved in section activities, please contact the staff administrator or chair.

  • Expected 2017-18 vacancies: 5
  • Meetings per year: 7
  • 2016-17 Chair: Kathleen H. Brewer, Westlake Village
  • Staff contact:  Mitch Wood 415-538-2594

Deadline for 2017 applications: February 8, 2017

2017-18 terms begin: Conclusion of 2017 State Bar Annual Meeting (September 22, 2017)