Business Law Executive Committee

With over 9,000 members, the Business Law Section is the largest section of the State Bar. This executive committee oversees:

  • the section's educational, legislative, and publishing activities;
  • oversees the work of 15 substantive standing committees and the Business Law News Editorial Board;

The standing committees are actively involved in providing member services and educational activities as well as initiating, developing, and drafting California legislation, commenting upon state and federal legislation, and participating in regulatory reform in California.

The section:

  • focuses on providing services to its members electronically and through the section's website;
  • sponsors educational programs and publishes a monthly e-newsletter and the quarterly Business Law News, as well as opinion reports and other written materials.

Members of the executive committee:

  • act as liaisons to the section's standing and ad hoc committees and actively participate in the section's projects;
  • are expected to attend regularly the meetings of the executive committee and to handle projects outside of meetings.

Applications from the section's lawyer members who have actively participated in its standing committees are strongly encouraged.

Committee communications are conducted electronically and posted on the section's website; therefore, each member must have access to the internet and an e-mail address to receive and review committee meeting notices, agendas, reports, etc. Lawyers  throughout California who meet these requirements and who can make the time commitment are encouraged to apply.

  • Expected 2014-15 vacancies: 5
  • Approximate number of meetings per year: 8
  • Chair: Charles E. McKee, Sherman Oaks
  • Staff contact: John Buelter 415-538-2341

Deadline for 2014 applications: Feb. 3, 2014

2014-15 terms begin: Conclusion of 2014 State Bar Annual Meeting (Sept. 14, 2014)