Section Executive Committees

State Bar sections address the concerns and interests of a specific segment of the profession. Each section executive committee:

  • directs the policies and affairs of the section, subject to and in accordance with the section's bylaws, the policies of the Board of Trustees, and the Rules of the State Bar;
  • assists the Board of Trustees in matters relating to the section and supervises the section's activities, such as its educational programs, membership communications, publications, and standing or substantive committees.


Applicants to a section executive committee are required to be members of that section, and the level of the applicant's involvement in the section's activities is a factor taken into consideration.

The executive committee generally consists of 15-17 members who previously have served on the section's standing or substantive committees or who have been active in other section activities.

The board may in its discretion appoint to the executive committee members who have been nominated by the section. Nominations for such appointments may be made by the executive committee acting as a nominating committee or by a petition signed by at least 15 members of the section.

Appointment to a Section Standing Committee

The Board of Trustees does not make appointments to a section's standing committees. Those interested in applying to serve on the section's standing committees should contact the chair or staff liaison of the section for application information.  For the list of the section's standing committees, please go to the section's home page.      

Joining a Section

Section Executive Committees

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